Friday, 22 April 2016

Mead & Broadford Federation Consultation Meeting

Representatives from the Federation Committee will be holding four parents meetings next week to share information with you
about the proposed Federation with Mead Primary. We are very excited about the proposed plans as it will mean a whole range of
new opportunities and staff at both schools which will have the impact of improving both Mead & Broadford. All the meetings have
the same content, so you only have to attend one of them. All parents are welcome at any of the meetings, wherever they are held.

Thursday 28th April
9.15-10.15am @ Broadford
2.00-3.00pm @ Mead

Friday 29th April
9.15-10.15am @ Mead
2.00-3.00pm @ Broadford

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Cedar Sharing Assembly

This morning I saw a great assembly by Cedar class. We heard how they have been learning all about fantastic explorers.

It was very interesting to hear how the children had learnt about Christopher Columbus and his discoveries.

Well done Pine Class.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Expansion Consultation Deadline

Dear Parents,

This is just a quick reminder that the consultation period for the expansion of your school closes on Friday 15th January 2015.

Any parents and carers who are yet to complete the survey questionnaire can still do so before the deadline date via this link;

For those who are completing the hardcopy questionnaire (for a copy see the school office) please hand it in to Mrs Taylor in the office or send it to the School Organisation team, LBH, 9th Floor  Mercury House, Mercury Gardens Romford.

Thank you

Gill Gordon
Chair of Governors

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Expansion Update

Dear Parents

I am delighted to inform you that the Overview & Scrutiny Committee have agreed the next phase of school expansions. As a result the formal consultation to expand Broadford to a 3 form of entry school from September 2016 can go ahead from November 30th.

We will shortly be publishing the full document on the website. If you require a paper copy, we will have a number available for collection from the school office after November 30th.

We have also been informed that we have a meeting with the Education Funding Agency on December 16th which might see us make progress towards confirming timelines for the new classrooms which will be needed as part of this expansion.

Yours faithfully

Gill Gordon

Chair of Governors

Monday, 23 November 2015

Parent & Governor Minutes - Autumn Meeting

Dear Parents

Thank you for attending the recent Parent & Governor meeting on the 16th November. It is vital that we continue these face meetings so that we are able to hear your feedback - your views and ideas are so important in continuing the improvements at Broadford. We also value the chance to share with you what has been done and whether you feel it is having an impact.

Governors Present: Mrs Gill Gordon (Chair) & Mr Stuart Norman (Vice Chair)

Autumn Meeting - Minutes

1. Facilities Improvements: gym equipment and canopy

Mr Drakes showed us the plans for the gym equipment which was installed and opened for the pupils on Wednesday. This facility was possible thanks to a grant from the Awards For All lottery fund. Mr Drakes pointed out that the obesity rate amongst pupils is typically between 3-5% when they enter in Reception, but by Year 6 the rate has increased to 40%. We believe that by providing high quality fitness and sports equipment and teaching we will be able to help pupils combat this.

At the last meeting in the Summer term, parents expressed a concern that there would not be sufficient space for PE lessons if the school was expanded. The Governors listened to the feedback and looked at the budget with Mr Drakes and the leadership team. With the help of Veolia, we will now be putting a canopy on the play ground to provide additional covered spaces for PE. This is now confirmed to be installed prior to the Christmas break.

2. Update on building work and timetable

Parents were informed that the classrooms delivery timetable has shifted backwards to an expected date of May. This is because:
The foundations need to be deeper than first expected and will now require piling
The services already in the ground have made excavations more troublesome
The drawings for the classrooms have to be completed by the contractor, they are not going from a firm set of plans. These markings then need to be checked with the LA. 

3. Expansion to 3FE: implications for old building and likely timetable for delivery

It was agreed at Cabinet that Broadford would be formally expanded to 3FE from Sept 2016. Initially this will not require any additional classrooms as we have the demountables on the playground. Reception will be based where they are now and it is likely that Nursery will move. However substantial building work will have to occur between 2016-17 in order for enough space to be ready for the next intake.

Parents asked when the next update will be given. 

Chair to contact the LA and ask for an update on discussions with the EFA regarding demolition and next steps

4. Results for KS2, Phonics & KS1
Mr Drakes went through the headline data from the Summer results. We were delighted to inform parents that Broadford has maintained the ranking of #1 for progress - which we have had for the last 3 years. This year we ranked #1 for all subjects combined, reading and maths. 

At Y1 we are also above National for the Phonics screening. 

At KS1 standards are broadly in line with national expectations - which is outstanding progress from the pupils' low starting points. 

The data does show that we still have work to do with attendance and writing. Both of these areas are featured in the school improvement plan and they will be reported on at the next meeting

5. Parental feedback on the new Passports
Mr Drakes showed Governors and parents the pupil passports which have been produced to explain the expectations for the end of each year. The parental feedback is summarised as:
- all parents were already aware of the passports and had been introduced to them at the Parents Evening
- parents were able to explain what they are for 'They show me what is expected for my daughter by the end of the year. It helps me know how I can support her at home.'
- all parents felt that the information in the passport was useful 'I wish we had this before. With my first child I didn't realise that she was behind expectations. This information would have helped me identify that sooner and get her help.'
- all parents agreed that the mid year report would help them understand if their child was on track to meet expectations 

6. Results of Parent View Survey at recent Parents' Evening: issue of homework and anti bullying procedures

Governors thanked parents for the time they had taken to fill out the latest Parent View Survey. Parents were informed that Broadford has been mentioned again as a case study school for Ofsted as we get such a good response. 

It did raise some questions about:

  1. homework... is there enough. 
  2. Bullying... what are the procedures for dealing with bullying incidents

Mr Drakes went over the expectations for homework:

  • 15mins per night for spelling
  • 15mins per night for reading
  • 15mins per night for mental maths - times tables up to 12x12

In addition pupils could choose to complete elements of the half termly Learning Challenge. They may also choose to complete projects that interest them and bring them in to show the class. 

Following this, all parents present agreed that they felt there was sufficient homework for pupils. Parents commented that
'My children attend after school clubs in the week and at weekends. Any more homework than this could impact on these clubs' 
'I have children in three different year groups. If they all had homework then I would be doing it all night long every night. This is quite enough.'
'I feel that my children need a rest at the weekend.'

Mr Drakes informed parents that Anti Bullying Week was being run through Nov 16th - Nov 20th
- pupils would complete their Anti Bullying Contract in class
- take part in an Anti Bullying assembly and workshop (KS2)
- The School Council would take part in an Anti Bullying March across Harold Hill in partnership with the other schools
- a copy of the contract would be sent home to parents and published on the school blog

We look forward to seeing you in the Spring term and updating you on progress made.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Parent & Governor Meeting: Monday 16th November @ 9.10am

We look forward to welcoming you to the termly Parent & Governor meeting on Monday 16th. This is a chance for you to tell us what you think of the new Pupil Passports, how you have found the start of term and ideas you have for further improvement to the school.

We would like to update you on the building work and plans for expansion to 3FE as well as share the results from the recent KS2 tests.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Havering Governor Conference 2015

We were delighted to host the Havering Governors Conference this year on behalf of Havering. Over sixty five governors from around the Local Authority came to visit our school. First we heard from Mary Phillips (Head of Learning & Achievement) who told us of the recent results across our schools and the upcoming challenges faced in Havering.

Finally there was an inspirational presentation from Liz Cross, who works on governance principles in the corporate world as well as in schools.

It was a very useful opportunity to meet with other Governors, share experiences, trade advice and discuss how we can work together for the benefit of all the children in Havering.

S Norman
Vice Chair